Decleor Relaxing Scented Candle 185g

Decleor Relaxing Scented Candle 185g

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Unwind and relax to the pleasant fragrance of this Relaxing Scented Candle

Decleor have made the perfect combination with this candle that envelopes the senses with the fragrances of Neroli, Petitgrain, Amber and Cedar.

Find yourself relaxing as the aroma fills the room and your worries slide away. With an estimated burn time of approximately 40 hours the candle is sure to give you many days and evenings of pleasure.

Directions for Use

  • The first time you use the candle it is recommended to allow it to burn for 2 hours.
  • For subsequent uses, avoid burning for more than 4 consecutive hours.
  • If the wick reaches a length of more than 1cm, trim it back when the candle has cooled, making sure it is upright and central.