Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Skin Kit

Brand: Dermalogica

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DermalogicaPacked into a re-usable Dermalogica tote with zip closure, this ultimate 3-in-1 travel sized kit is an easy to follow skincare routine to help treat and prevent acne whilst cleansing and hydrating the skin for a fresh and healthy complexion. Included in this skin kit is Dermalogica's Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash (75ml), Breakout Clearing Booster (10ml) and Skin Soothing Hydrating Lotion (30ml). 

Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash 75ml

Developed by Dermalogica, Clear Start™ is a skin care system aimed at helping teens cut through the hype to get their healthiest skin ever. The Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash breakout fighting foaming wash clears away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts. Use on your face, back, neck... wherever skin requires deep cleaning and pore clearing for fewer breakouts.

Breakout Clearing Booster 10ml

A fast-acting acne treatment that works within 15 minutes. Formulated with Salicylic Acid to help kill breakout-causing bacteria for rapid skin clearing. Patented TT Technology and Phytoplankton Extract work with skin’s natural microbiome and help prevent over-drying. Niacinamide reinforces skin’s defensive barrier and helps to even skin tone, while seaweed-derived Chrondrus Crispus Extract soothes irritated skin. No artificial fragrances or colours

Skin Soothing Hydrating Lotion 30ml

Say goodbye to dehydrated, breakout-irritated skin with this lightweight moisturizer! The sheer, easy-to-apply formula of Dermalogica Clear Start™ Soothing Hydrating Lotion helps soothe discomfort and hydrate areas that feel dry. Also helps relieve the dryness often associated with some acne treatments. Formulated without artificial fragrances, colors or parabens.


  • Perfect for travel 
  • 3-in-1 kit 
  • Treats and prevents acne 
  • Improves skin complexion
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