Dr. Hauschka Almond Body Cream (10ml & 145ml)

Brand: Dr. Hauschka


Balancing body moisturiser for dry, sensitive skin

Available in 10ml and 145ml sizes.

Wonderfully soothing and uplifting, the Dr. Hauschka Almond Body Cream restores balance to dry, sensitive skin to reveal a better you!

Enriched with almond kernel oil, extracts of soothing St. John’s wort and balancing anthyllis, this gorgeous cream calms and fortifies your skin. Quince and marshmallow extracts address hydration to leave your skin feeling fabulously soft to the touch. The delicate floral scent awakens the senses and conjures thoughts of balmy Italian summers. With your spirts lifted, all will seem right with the world.

Exciting the senses with its gorgeous aroma and beautifully revitalising your skin, this fine moisturiser is formulated from 100% natural ingredients.  There’s nothing quite like it!


  • Ideal for dry, sensitive skin
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Free from parabens and silicone
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Soothes and moisturises
  • Calms and fortifies
  • Uplifting floral scent

How to Use

  • Apply evenly all over your body
  • Massage in
  • Do not rinse
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