Dr. Hauschka Just For Mum

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Caring body care set for during or after pregnancy

Made with 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, this special set is designed for mothers to keep their skin protected, strengthened and nurtured during and after pregnancy. 

Rose Deodorant 50ml: Carefully formulated, a combination of gentle, deodorising and nourishing ingredients. Rose water lends an elegant, delicate fragrance while Alchemilla essence helps to gently regulate perspiration. To top it all off, when essential rose oil meets high-quality jojoba oil, the skin receives an exceptional kind of care that one can’t help but feel happy about. Feel confident breast-feeding with 100% natural ingredients. Dermatologically tested. 

Blackthorn Toning Body Oil 75ml: Blackthorn blossoms, birch leaves and St. John’s wort are carefully blended with sunflower oil and then heated to ensure that all of the fine properties of the plants become infused in the oil. Also enriched with jojoba oil, the luxurious formula promotes elasticity and supports the skin’s natural processes of renewal.  Blackthorn Toning Body Oil has proved highly successful in reducing stretch marks in pregnancy. Fortifying, toning and nourishing, the body oil features only 100% natural ingredients and ensures that skin is always the best that it can be.

FREE Hydrating Hand Cream 30ml: Special Bryophyllum extracts hydrate and regenerate the skin while special oils and waxes protect and soothe your hands. This remarkable, non-greasy cream is beneficial for all, especially those with dry skin or those who work in harsh environmental conditions. 


  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Designed for use during and after pregnancy
  • Cosmetic bag included 
  • Nourishes the skin
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