Dr. Hauschka Mum & Baby On The Go

Dr. Hauschka Mum & Baby On The Go

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Mum and Baby on the go

Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, this is an essential travel size body care kit designed to nourish and protect delicate skin of Mum and Baby who are on the go.

Rose Nurturing Body Wash 10ml:  Caressing your body and your senses, the fine foam gently cleanses whilst lifting your mood with a delicate aroma. A gorgeous blend of precious oils, roses and quince seed extract nourishes your skin, protects it moving forward and considerably enhances your showering experience to engender a feeling of wellbeing.

Rose Nurturing Bath Essence 10ml: Featuring rose water, rose essential oil and rose petal extracts, this is both gentle and soothing. You will love the feeling of calm and relaxation that you will enjoy and you may be surprised at how alert you feel! Whist the wonderful aroma satisfies your senses, almond and jojoba oil leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth.

Rose Nurturing Body Oil 10ml: This natural body oil soothes, calms and protects. After receiving the nourishment it needs, your baby's sensitive skin is softened for a wonderfully supple feel. The beautiful blend of damask roses and sunflower oil is created using a unique rhythmic process which enables all of the beneficial properties of the natural ingredients to be infused in the oil. Rose essential oil produces a wonderfully calming effect and the formula brings balance to the skin. 

Rose Nurturing Body Cream 10ml: Rich and sumptuous, the cream is quickly absorbed to provide protection for your skin whilst the aroma lifts your spirits. Rose wax, rose essential oil and precious extracts of wild rose hips and rose petals wonderfully hydrate your skin to banish dryness. A gorgeous blend of shea butter, almond oil and jojoba oil leaves your body feeling silky soft. Your skin’s natural barrier against external aggressors is fortified and so feels fabulously rejuvenated.


  • Travel sized
  • Protects the skin
  • Nourishes the skin
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients 
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