Dr. Hauschka Sage Mint Deodorant 50ml

Brand: Dr. Hauschka

RRP: £13.00
(You save £1.01 )

Natural and gentle deodorant with a pleasing fragrance

Gentle on your skin, the low-alcohol Dr. Hauschka Sage Mint Deodorant 50ml controls perspiration without constricting your pores and delivers long-lasting results. Naturally antimicrobial and astringent ingredients including sage and witch hazel control moisture and keep you feeling fresh. The invigorating mint aroma is sure to lift your spirits.

Perspiration is a natural and essential process which helps to regulate your body temperature and remove impurities. That doesn’t mean that you want to be associated with nasty niffs! Why not address underarm perspiration the natural way with this uplifting and highly effective Sage Mint Deodorant?


  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Controls moisture
  • Invigorating aroma
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Free from parabens and silicone
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Low alcohol

Directions for Use

  • Apply to your underarms using a gentle back and forth motion
  • Repeat as required
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