ELEMIS Life Elixirs Calm & Fortitude Wellbeing Duo 20ml


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Relax or discover your inner strength with two beautiful bath and shower elixirs

It can be hard to afford yourself a moment to relax and to recharge your batteries. But it is important that you do! The wonderful Elemis Life Elixirs bath and shower oils promote mindfulness and rejuvenate your little grey cells with their fabulous fusions of essential oils.

The Elemis Life Elixirs Calm & Fortitude Wellbeing Duo features two life enhancing bath and shower oils with which to spoil yourself. Calm Elixir is a soothing and relaxing blend of clary sage, lavandin and rosewood which delivers a wonderfully tranquil ambiance. Banishing the stresses of the day, this fabulous fusion enables you to find peace and satisfaction. But when you need to feel empowered, Fortitude Elixir stimulates the senses and enhances your inner strength with a blend of geranium, cedarwood and ylang ylang. Each elixir gently moisturises your skin whilst imparting a little of its wonderful aroma.

You can face the world feeling rejuvenated and confident with the impressive Elemis Life Elixirs and their expertly formulated blends of essential oils.


Calm Bath & Shower Elixir 10ml
Fortitude Bath & Shower Elixir 10ml


  • Bath and shower oils for 2 different moods
  • Infused with essential oils
  • Blended to promote mindfulness
  • Beautifully presented
  • Fabulous gift

Directions for Use

  • Add to your bath water
  • Close your eyes, relax and inhale
  • Alternatively, massage into your skin whilst showering
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