Elemis Life Elixirs Clarity Perfume Oil 8.5ml

Brand: Elemis

RRP: £28.00
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Lift your spirits and sharpen your focus with this perfectly blended perfume oil

Helping you to clarify your thoughts and to enhance your sense of perspective, the Elemis Life Elixirs Clarity Perfume Oil provides calming therapy for your overactive mind.

Infused with 8 pure essential oils, this revitalising perfume oil benefits from an energising aroma which sharpens your mind and imbues improved powers of concentration. Featuring bitter orange and cardamom, the perfume enhances awareness whilst inducing calm so you can tackle life’s problems without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

When you need to clear your mind and focus, the impressive Clarity Perfume Oil works wonders and should travel everywhere with you. You will then be able to call on it when you need to relax, concentrate and find the perfect solution.


  • A perfume oil to improve concentration
  • Promotes calmness and focus
  • Infused with 8 essential oils
  • Blended to promote mindfulness
  • Beautifully presented

Directions for Use

  • Apply the oil to pulse points on your wrists, neck and temple
  • Repeat throughout the day or evening when required
  • Breath in and savour the aroma
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