Fake Bake Bronzie 3-In-1 Mitt

Brand: Fake Bake

RRP: £14.95
(You save £1.46 )

It’s easy to tan your back with this clever mitt!

Enabling you to achieve the perfect finish in those hard to reach areas of your back, the Fake Bake Bronzie 3-In-1 Mitt has you covered…..literally!

Suitable for use with any tanning lotion, the clever mitt delivers a perfect application every time. Designed to incorporate a mid-section and two ends for greater reach, the mitt benefits from protective film which keeps your hands perfectly stain free. Fashioned from luxurious velour to maximise your comfort, the mitt is washable and so can be used time after time to give you a fabulous all over tan. If there’s someone who usually helps you to tan your back they are now officially redundant!

Soft, easy to use and highly efficient, the 3-in1 Mitt is a must-have accessory.


  • Reaches all areas of your back
  • Delivers even coverage
  • Soft texture
  • Washable
  • Use again and again

Directions for Use

  • Shave or wax and then exfoliate
  • Ensure that your skin is completely dry
  • Apply tan in stages starting with your upper body and working downwards
  • Apply tanning mousse, lotion or spray to the mitt and then wipe mitt over your skin using circular motions.
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