Fake Bake Gold Self-Tan Liquid 200ml with Mitt


Natural-looking golden self-tan with pleasing aroma

Boasting a brand-new formula, the already impressive Fake Bake Gold Self-Tan Liqud 200ml with Mitt just got even better. Voted Fake Bake’s most natural-looking tan, it delivers a wonderful golden glow for that sun-kissed look. Paraben-free and long-lasting, this self-tan is easy to apply with the included professional mitt and features a guide colour. You will adore the fresh linen fragrance and you have everything you need in this stylish kit. Everyone will be asking what your secret is! You’ll have to decide whether to tell them or to keep stum!


  • Creates golden tan
  • Easy to apply
  • Mitt included
  • Natural-looking tan
  • Fresh line fragrance
  • Long-lasting

How to Use

  • It is recommended to wear waterproof gloves when applying
  • Apply using the included mitt
  • Prior to application, moisturise elbows, knees, hands and feet
  • Spray small amounts of liquid onto the soft side of the mitt
  • Apply to the body using gliding strokes
  • Lightly wipe tan over elbows, knees, hands and feet
  • Rinse off guide colour with warm water after development time
  • Reapply once a week
No Nasties:
Paraben Free
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