Fake Bake She's Shady Kit - Airbrush Mist & Contour Barrier Stick

Brand: Fake Bake


She's Shady tanning kit for an instant self tan

Suitable for all skin tones, included in the She's Shady tanning kit is the Fake Bake Airbrush Self-Tan Mist and the Contouring Barrier Stick so you can create the ultimate spray tan experience for yourself. 

Contouring Barrier Stick: Allows you to control the amount of spray tan that develops on your face - enabling you to create subtle contours instead of a single flat shade. Also reducing the amount of colour build-up in the areas you apply it. 

Airbrush Self-Tan Mist: Formulated for a 4-6 hour tan development, the 360 degree nozzle gives a continuous spray that works at any angle so you can achieve that self-tan you have been dreaming of! Enriched with the highest quality ingredients and tanning agents, Fake Bake's unique triple tan formula works with your natural skin pigment, so after applying, the colour and tone developed will be a gorgeous natural look. 


  • Fast drying
  • Works at any angle 
  • Easy to apply
  • Streak free 

How to Use

  • Hold 12"-14" from skin and spray in long, even strokes
  • Allow drying time between each application 
  • To tan face, spray on sponge and apply
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