Foamie Travel Buddy

Brand: Foamie


A re-usable travel box for storing your favourite Foamie products

Made of 80% wheat fiber and 20% recycled polypropylene, the Foamie Travel Buddy is perfect for storing and protecting your favourite Foamie shower products when you are on the go.

With a compact and light design, the Foamie Travel Buddy is leak-proof, easy to clean and is suitable for Foamie's solid shampoo and conditioners. 


  • Sustainable and functional transportation option for solid care!
  • Sustainable packaging out of 80% wheat straw
  • Enough space for shampoo or conditioner bar
  • Silicone lid slips easily in and out and keeps the box waterproof
  • Clean, simple and stylish look
  • Extra inlay piece for syndet-water-separation
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