Forbes Feet Hydrating Foot Cream 100ml

Brand: Forbes Feet


A daily moisturising cream to soften and smooth dry, cracked feet

Forbes Feet Hydrating Foot Cream delivers daily hydration to forgotten feet.

Non-greasy and light in texture, is it easily absorbed so quickly replenishes rough, dry skin to reveal softer, smoother and nourished feet.

Formulated using a rich blend of lemon, lavender and orange essential oils with coconut oil and papaya enzyme, this powerful combination ensures feet not only feel blissful, but smell blissful too.

Importantly, it contains urea, the gold standard of foot care ingredients and proven to accelerate the regeneration of damaged and desiccated skin cells.


  • Saturates skin with long lasting, deep hydration
  • Works on thickened, hard skin
  • Soothes sore, infected skin
  • Repairs discoloured nails

How to Use

  • Wash feet carefully using the Forbes Feet Hygiene Foot Wash
  • Warm a small amount of the cream between the palms of the hands
  • Work it around the heels, over the forefoot and finish by blotting away any excess
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