Fudge Curve Maker 190ml

Brand: Fudge Professional

RRP: £15.95
(You save £5.96 )

Protective styling resin for amazing curls with bounce

Suitable for all hair types, Fudge Curve Maker delivers fabulous, bouncy curls in even the straightest locks. Elasto-Curve technology featuring silicone and hyaluronic acid creates an elasticizing effect whilst regulating moisture and taming that annoying frizz. Acrylic polymers and collagen boost volume and enable you to form long-lasting curls. Better still, restructuring hydrolyzed keratin, wheat & silk proteins provide the heat protection you need to style in confidence.

Apply the resin to wet hair and then style with heated tools or simply sculpt and then leave your style to develop for the very latest looks. You won’t believe the wonderful curls that you are able to create whilst your locks are perfectly plumped and protected for bigger and healthier hair that won’t bend.


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Long-lasting curls and curves without bend
  • Boosts volume
  • Provides heat protection up to 235°C
  • Hydrates
  • Tames frizz

Directions for Use

  • Apply to cleansed, towel-dried hair
  • Use sparingly on fine hair
  • Style with heated tools
  • Alternatively, apply resin, sculpt and leave to develop
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Cruelty Free
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