Fudge Hair Cement 300ml

Fudge Hair Cement 300ml



Quick drying non-aerosol fixing spray for incredible hold

The strongest hairspray in the range, Fudge Hair Cement delivers uber-firm yet flexible hold. This non-aerosol spray is quick drying to complement your life on the go so you can fix your look in seconds and prepare to party! The Innovative DynamX™ isobormyl polymer resin complex leaves your hair totally under control but malleable whilst hydrolysed wheat protein strengthens your locks. Ideal for extreme styling, this spray delivers maximum fixing power and can be reapplied for even firmer hold. They don’t call it cement for nothing! When you need to have confidence that your style is totally locked it, you know what to do!


  • Ideal for extreme styling
  • Ultra-firm hold
  • Polymer resin complex creates flexibility
  • Adds shine
  • Non-aerosol

Directions for Use

  • Hold at arms’ length and spray over your finished style
  • Allow to dry
  • Repeat for additional hold
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