Fudge Membrane Gas 203ml

Brand: Fudge Professional

RRP: £14.95
(You save £2.46 )

Shapes, adds texture and fixes your style

Fabulously versatile, this clever spray can be used in three different ways to enhance your style. Spray into your hair before using tongs for amazing hold, spray into your hair and tease for gorgeous curls or simply spray over your finished look to set it in place. The DynamX™ polymer leaves your hair feeling flexible and without any stiffness and you will enjoy added texture with this reworkable styling product. Enabling you to style, shape, rework and fix your look, Membrane Gas ensures that you can mould your hair into your dream style and then keep it there!


  • Use three different ways
  • Flexible hold
  • Reworkable
  • Creates texture
  • Features the DynamX™ styling polymer

Directions for Use

  • Spray over your finished style to fix your look
  • Alternatively, spray over your hair and then curl using your fingers
  • Spray into your hair before using tongs for hold
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