Gatineau Peeling Expert Pro-Radiance Anti-Aging Gommage (75ml & 200ml)

£26.95 - £37.95

An anti ageing peeling exfoliator for all skin types

Available in 75ml and 200ml sizes, the Gatineau Peeling Expert Pro-Radiance Anti-Aging Gommage is a professional-strength enzymatic peeling exfoliator with powerful anti-ageing action.

Massage in this menthol-infused cream in circular motions, and watch it buff away dead skin cells and impurities from the epidermis.


  • Ideal for those struggling with a tired/dull complexion
  • Promotes a soft, radiant complexion
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enzyme Technology eliminates impurities and dead skin cells

How to Use

  • Apply in a thin layer over the face and neck avoiding the eye area
  • With light movements, massage until the texture of the cream changes and begins to roll off the skin
  • Remove with warm water, tone and blot dry
  • Repeat twice a week
  • Alternatively, apply a thick layer to the face and neck and leave to set for 20 minutes
  • Once set, peel off the skin.


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