Gatineau Transforming Cream Cleanser 200ml & Free Satin Headband

Brand: Gatineau

RRP: £36.00
(You save £6.01 )

A unique purifying cream that leaves the skin looking radiant with free gift

The Gatineau Transforming Cream Cleanser 200ml is an innovative and luxurious cream texture that transforms to oil once emulsified with water.

This rich and hydrating cream is easily massaged, dissolving make-up, SPF and pollution from the skin.

As it transforms, the nourishing, antioxidant oil completes the cleansing and leaves the complexion soft, radiant and perfectly balanced.

Buy yours today and receive a beautiful satin headband free!


  • Promotes a healthy, clear complexion
  • Washes away dirt and impurities 
  • Boosts radiance in the skin
  • Wonderful addition to your skincare regime
  • Free satin headband with your order

How to Use

  • Massage directly onto dry skin with small circular motions around the face and neck
  • Emulsify with warm water and the cream will transform into a milky oil
  • Simply rinse off with a muslin cloth, avoiding contact with the eyes
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Skin Type:
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