Brushes & Combs

Combing through history

The staple tools of your hair care routine, brushes and combs are essential accessories. It’s hard to imagine a time when there were no hairbrushes, but they are actually relatively recent innovations. Archaeological finds have demonstrated that combs were amongst the first tools created by man. Hairbrushes came much later and were originally the preserve of the wealthy as they were handmade and expensive. Brushes weren’t manufactured commercially until the late 18th century. In the 19th century during the Industrial revolution, it became possible to mass-produce brushes and this when they finally became affordable for ordinary people.

Brushing the past aside with new technology

Early hairbrushes were fashioned from costly materials including wood and ivory and featured natural bristles. In recent years, new materials and technology, together with a greater understanding of ergonomics, have enabled the production of diverse brushes with unique characteristics. These days, you can choose different brushes to style your hair or to solve specific problems including tangles and there are designs to suit all hair types and lengths.

A brush with style

We are delighted to bring you an exceptional collection of the latest brushes and combs from Fudge Professional, ghd, label.m, Wet Brush and Tangle Teezer plus more. With radial, backcombing, detangling, paddle and heated brushes to choose from, you will discover the perfect hairbrushes for your needs. Styling becomes much easier with the right brush and you can create impressive looks while minimising damage to your locks. Previous generations would have marvelled at the choices we now enjoy!

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  • Click N Curl Full Set - Small Quick view

    Click N Curl

    Click N Curl Blowout Brush Full Set

    Click n Curl is the detachable round brush styling tool that allows you to achieve a salon quality blow-out at home. It’s easy to use as a conventional round brush and produces results consistent with today’s hottest hairstyle trends –...

  • Click N Curl Add-on Set - Medium Quick view

    Click N Curl

    Click N Curl Expansion Set (4 Sizes)

    For use with Click N Curl universal handle (Not included) Dry, styke and set, all in one step. Each set contains 4 rollers. Available in 3 sizes: Small Medium Large Click N Curl saves you time. It's as easy to use as a conventional round...

    As low as £20.99
  • Fudge Backcombing Brush Quick view

    Fudge Professional

    Fudge Backcombing Brush

    Professional quality lightweight brush for enhanced volume Amazing updos and incredible volume are just moments away with the Fudge backcombing brush. You can style like a professional and achieve exceptional precision with this lightweight brush...

  • Sale
    Fudge Black Medium Styling Brush Quick view

    Fudge Professional

    Fudge Black Medium Styling Brush

    Smoothen hair and style daily with ease Glide the Fudge Black Medium Styling Brush through your hair and create your style day in, day out with perfection. Easy to use with a rubble black handle and strong flexible teeth for daily use.

    £6.99 £8.95
  • Sale
    Fudge Black Radial Brush 33mm Quick view

    Fudge Professional

    Fudge Black Radial Brush 33mm

    Styling brush for shorter and moderately fine hair Create wonderfully smooth looks or dynamic curls with the fabulous Fudge Black Radial Brush 33mm! Ideal for shorter and slightly fine locks, the brush features a small drum which makes it easier for you...

    £9.49 £12.95
  • Fudge Black Radial Brush 53mm Quick view

    Fudge Professional

    Fudge Black Radial Brush 53mm

    Ceramic styling brush for thicker hair Ideal for thicker hair that needs to be brought under control, the Fudge Black Radial Brush 53mm helps to beautifully smooth your locks. The large drum and firm bristles capture your hair with ease making styling...

    £14.19 £14.95
  • Fudge Black Large Paddle Brush Quick view

    Fudge Professional

    Fudge Large Paddle Brush

    Large hairbrush for tacking long, thick hair Tired of raking through your long, thick locks? Treat your tresses to a kinder brush! The Fudge Large Paddle Brush will glide through your hair with ease, removing all of your tangles and smoothing every...

    As low as £8.79 £11.95
  • ghd Detangling Comb Quick view


    ghd Detangling Comb

    Best for... Detangling damp hair. The wide-toothed design allows for delicate detangling on damp hair, which is fragile and more prone to damage. To use... Work on detangling from the ends to the root. Hold each section as you comb to avoid causing...

  • ghd Narrow Dressing Brush Quick view


    ghd Narrow Dressing Brush

    Small but mighty, the stylists' favourite brush Best for... It’s the brush you never knew you needed. This narrow bristle brush will be your go-to for all kinds of styling, from kinder-to-hair backcombing that gives instant volume and brushes out...

  • ghd Oval Dressing Brush with packaging Quick view


    ghd Oval Dressing Brush

    ghd Oval Dressing Brush is a classic brush for daily hair care Use for daily grooming. The Oval Dressing Brush is a styling classic for mid to long-length hair. Made with nylon anti-static bristles which help detangle the hair by penetrating deeper...

  • ghd Paddle Brush Quick view


    ghd Paddle Brush

    The must-have do-everything brush Fast and effective styling on mid to long hair. Use the paddle brush to detangle longer lengths without generating static; create straight-and sleek blow-dries; smooth hair into ponytails and updos. TO USE.....

  • Sale
    ghd Smooth Styling Gift Set Quick view


    ghd Smooth Styling Gift Set

    Luxury gift set for styling perfection Your route to sleek, smooth and healthy hair, the ghd Smooth Styling Gift Set gives you superior performance whilst minimising heat damage. Products included: ghd Gold Professional Styler ghd...

    £129.99 £139.00
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