Hair Gain GROW

Brand: Hair Gain


For visibly thicker and fuller hair

Contains 60 Capsules.

Scientifically proven to reduce hair loss, Hair Gain GROW stimulates your follicles at source. Results are visible in a little as one month and you will love your fuller and healthier looking locks.

Hair loss is always incredibly distressing but is also surprisingly common. Half of all men and a quarter of all women will experience hair loss by the time they reach their 50th birthdays. But there is something that you can do to stop hair loss in its tracks.
GROW boasts a unique gluten-free and vegan-friendly formula which stimulates growth while boosting vitality and shine. AnaGain, derived from the pea shoot, stimulates the signalling molecules in the dermal papilla which are necessary for initiating new hair growth. While the pea shoot delivers valuable nutrition for your hair, zinc and biotin are included for altogether healthier locks.

Results will vary from person to person but just two capsules a day could make all the difference to your look. You may see improvements after thirty days but it is recommended that you take GROW for six months to ensure that the nutrients build up in your system.


  • Thickens and fortifies hair
  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Features AnaGain
  • Enriched with Zinc and Biotin
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten-free

How to Use

  • Take two capsules each day after a meal and with water
  • Continue the treatment for at least three months and preferably for six months or more
  • Check with your doctor if you are pregnant, breast feeding or taking medication
  • Don't forget to take your before and after photos so that you can track your Hair Gain journey!
Hair Concerns:
Thinning & Hair Loss
No Nasties:
No Nasties:
No Nasties:
Gluten Free
60 Capsules
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