Hair Trimmers & Clippers

Sharper styles with clippers and trimmers

Versatile additions to your hair care equipment, clippers and trimmers enable you to achieve sharper and more creative looks. Whether you are working on your own hair or styling your friends, you can prepare longer locks, style shorter hair and complete any creations with ease. It doesn’t take long to master the art of working with clippers but if you are really going to get creative, you will have to spend a little time honing your skills!

Clippers or trimmers?

A hair clipper is designed to cut longer hair and would usually feature several different numbered attachments which determine the length of the completed cut. Trimmers are best suited to working on finer or shorter hair and boast thinner blades. You are able to achieve very close cuts with trimmers which are not usually supplied with attachments.

Refine your style with trimmers

We have selected the finest clippers and trimmers from the Babyliss collection to showcase in our range. Offering a unique and amazingly sharp blade with a V cutting angle, the BaByliss Pro V-Blade Lithium Clipper is an exceptional choice. You will benefit from 8 guide combs to complete the perfect looks and precision styling is easy. The BaByliss Pro Forfex Palm Pro Trimmer is both quiet and smooth. Incredibly compact, this cordless model can travel everywhere with you. Clippers and trimmers give your style the edge!

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  • BaByliss Pro Forfex Palm Pro Trimmer Quick view


    BaByliss Pro Forfex Palm Pro Trimmer

    A compact cordless trimmer for working with precision Quiet and incredibly smooth, the BaByliss Pro Forfex Palm Pro Trimmer is easy to use and designed for comfort. This compact, cordless trimmer fits neatly into the palm of your hand and features an...

  • BaByliss Pro V-Blade Precision Trimmer Set Quick view


    BaByliss Pro V-Blade Precision Trimmer

    High power, long life motor for guaranteed professional performance  The Babyliss Pro V-Blade Precision Trimmer is precision engineered with hardened Japanese steel blades and a super sharp V cutting angle for ultra smooth cutting and...

    £42.99 £65.00
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