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Salon perfect style every day

Wouldn’t it be great if you could crawl out of bed with perfect hair every morning? It never happens! But salon perfect looks are achievable at home with the best hair styling products. Whether you are looking for straight tresses, gorgeous curls, beachy waves or something altogether more edgy, there’s a mousse, gel or cream that will get you there with the minimum of fuss. When you have completed your creation, the latest hair sprays will fix your look while ensuring movement is retained. You can be confident that your hair will be the first thing that anyone notices about you and for the right reasons.

Hair after a fashion

Fashions come and go but our range provides everything you need to reflect the latest trends or to express your individuality. Perhaps more importantly, our hair styling collection helps you to address any issues you might have from frightful frizz to lacklustre locks. Beautifully volumising, thickening and texturising every strand, latest styling formulas deliver healthy hair and knock-out looks with added shine.

Don’t cramp your style

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with your hair, as long as you can call on the best styling products. Advances in technology have enabled the creation of fabulous formulas which work wonders every time. So, don’t cramp your style by settling for second best! Work with the amazing choices from the Fudge Professional, ghd, label.m, Kérastase, OSMO and Sebastian Professional ranges and you will enjoy the impressive results you are looking for. The tailored styling and fixing solutions from the planet’s finest hair care collections will ensure that bad hair days are a thing of the past.

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    Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo 150ml Quick view

    Sexy Hair Concepts

    Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo 150ml

    Instantly refresh and lift locks between washes with the Big Volumizing Dry Shampoo from Sexy Hair. Ideal for post-workout, travelling and transforming hair before a night out, its weightless formula utilises Zeolite to absorb oil, dirt and product...

    £13.49 £15.95
  • d:fi Beach Spray 150ml Quick view


    d:fi Beach Spray 150ml

    A texturizing spray with UV protection for looking cool by the pool The coolest summer locks are at your fingertips with d:fi Beach Spray. Defining your style and providing UV protection, this spray is exactly what you need for sunny days on the coast...

    £6.69 £15.00
  • d:fi De-Frizz + Tame 250ml Quick view


    d:fi De-Frizz + Tame 250ml

    A styling cream which tames frizz, smooths and moisturises A non-greasy styling cream with smoothing properties, d:fi De-Frizz + Tame ensures that your hair is silky smooth and moisturised. This versatile cream can be applied to wet or dry hair to...

    £6.99 £16.50
  • d:fi Hair Spray 300ml Quick view


    d:fi Hair Spray 300ml

    A lightweight hairspray providing a firm hold and medium shine Your curls, quiffs and updos can all be controlled to perfection with d:fi hairspray. This lightweight product delivers a firm hold without weighing your hair down and ensures long-lasting...

    £10.99 £15.00
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    d:fi Hair Spray 30ml (UK Only) Quick view


    d:fi Hair Spray 30ml

    High Hold Hair Spray by d:fi Style to party with d:fi Hair Spray. In a lightweight formula, this hair spray delivers a firm hold with a medium shine without weighing your hair down. Depending on the complexity of your hair styling, this hair spray is...

    £2.49 £3.00
  • d:fi Reshapable Spray 150ml Quick view


    d:fi Reshapable Spray 150ml

    A flexible, non-sticky styling spray for a natural look with medium hold If you like to restyle on the fly, you have discovered the perfect product! d:fi Reshaping Spray gives you flexible style day and night. Spray in, style and then restyle whenever...

    £5.99 £14.00
  • d:fi Volume Cream 200ml Quick view


    d:fi Volume Cream 200ml

    A non-greasy styling cream for added volume and shine Enhancing volume, definition and texture, d:fi Volume Cream beautifully conditions and transforms limp and lifeless hair. This gorgeous styling cream is fortified with quaternium-91 which smooths...

    £5.89 £14.00
  • d:fi Volume Powder 10g Quick view


    d:fi Volume Powder 10g

    For quick and easy enhanced volume and a matte finish Providing a natural looking boost to your volume, d:fi Volume is a lightweight, undetectable power which creates a pleasing matte finish. A little powder sprinkled close to your scalp delivers added...

    £5.99 £14.00
  • Davines Hair Refresher 150ml Quick view


    Davines Hair Refresher 150ml

    A dry shampoo cleansing mist for refreshing hair The Davines Hair Refresher 150ml helps remove excess oil and neutralises odours with each use between washes. This waterless cleansing spray is great for refreshing hair, saving time and extending...

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