HD Brows Brow Beater

Brand: HD Brows


Non-sticky, translucent setting gel to train your brows

The perfect foil for unruly brows, HD Brows Brow Beater puts you back in control.

Simply brush on this lightweight setting gel to channel your brows into the correct position. Brow Beater’s non-sticky, translucent formula also conditions your brows throughout the day and, when used regularly, will train them into place more permanently.  If you have troublesome brows you can restore order and improve your look with just a few strokes of the brush or create an on-trend textured look with ease. Brow Beater is like hair spray for your brows!


  • Trains brows into place
  • Conditions brows
  • Non-sticky, translucent formula

Directions for Use

  • Apply using the included applicator
  • Apply over any pencil or powder that you have used
  • Brush brows into desired position
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