HD Brows Brow Wax

Brand: HD Brows


Award-winning brow wax for setting and conditioning

Enriched with luxurious argan oil, the award-winning HD Brows Brow Wax sets your brows beautifully in place and leaves them feeling silky-soft.

Also enabling you to brush your brows up for a cool textured look, this fine wax features castor oil and retintyl palmitate to promote hair growth for fuller brows. You won’t want to be without it!


  • Award-winning product
  • Sets your brows in place
  • Enables you to create a textured look
  • Enriched with argan oil, castor oil and retintyl palmitate
  • Softens hairs
  • Promotes hair growth

Directions for Use

  • Apply using the Angel Brow Brush
  • Brush hairs into the desired place
  • Brush hair upwards for a textured finish
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