HD Brows Pro Pencil

Brand: HD Brows


Iconic and unique brow pencil for precision application

Perfect for applying precise strokes which mimic real hair, the HD Brows Pro Pencil is a must-have accessory and one which has garnered cult status. The most precise of HD Brows’ pencils, it enables you to apply incredibly realistic hair strokes and has been reformulated to provide a softer texture. You will find that colour transfers smoothly to your skin and that with a little practice, you can master different effects by varying the pressure you use. Indentations to the side of the pencil help you to sharpen the pencil to the perfect point.

Available in Ash, Black and Dark Brown to suit your colouring, this is the brow pencil to have!


  • Mimics real hair
  • Offers amazing precision
  • Soft texture
  • Features guide to aid sharpening
  • Available in Black and Ash

How to Use

  • Pull string down to expose the lead
  • Shave the lead on both sides into a fine tip which resembles a flat head screwdriver
  • Apply strokes to your brow in areas which require filling in
  • You might have to vary the pressure applied to create the desired look
  • Greater pressure enhances colour and density
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