HD Brows Volumising Mascara - Black

Brand: HD Brows

RRP: £19.00
(You save £3.01 )

Nourishing mascara for lifted and lengthened lashes

Featuring a luxurious formula and an innovative brush, HD Brows Volumising Mascara gives you amazing results every time!

Dazzling lashes are easy to achieve with the right mascara! This specially blended formula is resistant to clumping and flaking and nourishes your lashes as you wear it. Enriched with vitamins C and E, the mascara strengthens your lashes and is an excellent choice if you have sensitive eyes. You can build outstanding volume with just a few coats and the clever brush design ensures that your lashes are lifted and lengthened with every stroke.

The HD Brows Volumising Mascara in black creates lifted and volumised lashes without irritating your eyes!


  • Perfect for sensitive eyes
  • Builds volume
  • Lifts and lengthens lashes
  • Nourishing formula
  • Unique brush

How to Use

  • Start at the roots of your lashes
  • Flood the area using the short side of the applicator
  • Flip the applicator and use the longer comb to separate and fan your lashes
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