Slendertone Face For Female

Slendertone Face For Female

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Facial muscles are attached to the skin, so when they lose tone and volume, the face starts to sag.

Slendertone Face stimulates those muscles to keep them healthy and increases
circulation, gently reducing the signs of ageing; naturally restoring radiance and the
youthful shape of your face.

The facial muscles resemble elastic sheets which are arranged in layers over the other structures of the head. These muscles allow us to display a wide variety of expressions which are fundemental in how we communicate with others and how we view ourselves. Each muscle has a specific function and has an opposing partner which perfoms the opposite action. So, for example, there is a muscle to raise an eyebrow and there is another to lower the eyebrow. This concept is referred to as agonist and antagonist muscle recruitment. Around our mid to late twenties these repeated muscle actions, in combination with other external factors such as over-exposure to UV rays, cause the muscles to lose tone and elasticity leading to the formation of lines and creases in the facial architecture. The only way to maintain muscle tone is to ensure that all available muscle fibers are being used to their maximum via a targeted muscle activation programme which stimulates blood flow and circulation. Slendertone face for Women allows you to improve facial tone by stimulating the nerves to work your facial muscles to add volume and give the face a natural facelift.

Slendertone Face for Women has been specially developed to build muscle volume and lift the face. Through the stimulation of the facial nerve it is able to increase blood flow and subsequently improve the condition of your skin to give a radiant complexion.

A convenient headset positions pads on either side of your face to target the facial nerve which controls all the facial muscles; gently but effectively exercising them to firm and tone - delivering a natural facelift from the inside out. Slendertone Face Woman is an award winning product using electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to tone and lift the muscles of your face. The foundation of your face is muscle; Slendertone Face for Women retrains these delicate muscles to restore the youthful shape of your face, delivering a natural face lift from the inside out.

Facial muscles are the only muscle group in the body directly linked to the skin. When these muscles start to waste, they are unable to support the skin so inevitably the face starts to sag and wrinkles appear, advancing the ageing process. By toning and building these muscles, the skin and face structure is lifted and plumped.

A convenient head set positions pads on either side of your face to target the Facial nerve which controls all the facial muscles; gently but effectively exercising them to firm and tone.

Stimulation and toning of the facial muscles increases also increases circulation in the face, rejuvenating the complexion and refreshing the skin. An independently monitored 12 week clinical trial clearly demonstrated a statistically significant and measurable improvement in muscle plumpness by retraining the delicate facial muscles:

Clinical trialling shows:

  • Ultrasound imagery showed an average increase in muscle plumpness of 18.6% - some increasing as much as 46%.
  • 94% reported their face felt firmer.
  • 90% reported improvement in facial toning.
  • 80% reported their face looked lifted.

Using Slendertone Face for Women:

Use 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week for 12 weeks. You’ll start noticing the difference in your skin condition after 2 weeks and the gentle lifting effect after 6 weeks. The remaining six weeks completes the full exercise programme. After this initial period, we recommend a maintenance programme of at least 2-3 sessions for 20 minutes each week to sustain optimum muscle condition.

Slendertone Face for Women includes:

  • Rechargeable headset-based delivery system and hand held controller.
  • 12 sets of headset gel pads.
  • 3 built in programmes giving 0-20 minute treatment options.
  • A variable intensity control, to suit all user requirements.