High Definition Eye&Brow Pro Palette


Featuring all brow shades from High Definition's award winning Eye&Brow Palette in one place making it every make up artist's must-have. The Eye&Brow Pro Palette is the perfect go-to compact for creating and maintaining beautiful brows and eyes.

Silicone rich and long lasting, all 6 Eye&Brow powders are enhanced with with antioxidant Vitamin C and E, and easy to apply and blend - resulting in a truly professional finish.

Contains the following shades:

Light Blonde
Medium Blonde
Dark Blonde
Medium Brown
Dark Brown


  • Apply and blend the brows shades using a suitable brush to create definition and depth to the brow.
  • Use the brow shades around the eyes to create a natural or striking look, while the carbon-black palette colour can be applied along the lash line to create a perfect defined line.
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