invisibobble Clicky Bun

Brand: invisibobble


Create the perfect hair bun hassle free 

We all have those moments where your hair just has a mind of its own and it tends to be when you are in a rush! Save time and hassle with the invisibobble Clicky Bun, which is designed to effortlessly shape your hair into the perfect bun in just a few simple steps.

Sitting almost invisible in the hair. strands of hair breaking free will become a thing of the past due to its strong, secure grip yet weightless feel in the hair. Available in two colours, To Be Or Nude To Be for blonde, lighter hair colours and Pretzel Brown for brown and darker hair colours.

Colours available:

  • Pretzel Brown
  • To Be Or Nude To Be 


  • Easy application
  • Perfectly shapes hair into bun
  • Weightless feel 
  • Secure hold

How to Use

  • Place the hair in between the invisibobble Clicky Bun
  • Roll up the hair from below using the Clicky Bun 
  • Ensure all hair is in between the Clicky Bun
  • Bend the ends and adjust and cover the Clicky Bun with your hair
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