Invisibobble HAIRHALO Headband - True Dark Sparkle

Brand: invisibobble


A unique headband which adjusts to suit your head shape for a comfortable fit all day long

The invisibobble® HAIRHALO Headband is an adjustable headband made exactly for you.

The patent-pending technology of the new invisibobble® HAIRHALO is as hair loving as it gets, with the iconic spiral shape combined with the flexible design: try the headband on, adjust it where it is too tight or too loose, and then wear it comfortably all day long.

The best part about the invisibobble HAIRHALO Headband is its versatility. It will add a special something to your look if you choose to throw it on top of your polished curls, add it to a high ponytail, or even wear it with a messy bun!

From the royals to celebrities - every trendsetter has gotten behind this trend making it a modern classic that goes well with anything.

Whether you want to channel your inner Blair Waldorf or recreate an iconic look from this year's fashion show - invisibobble HAIRHALO Headband will quickly become your favourite hair accessory!


  • Gentle on the hair, no sharp edges
  • Easily adjusts to suit your head shape
  • Three-dimensional wave design provides a strong yet comfortable hold

How to Use

  • Bend and adjust the invisibobble® HAIRHALO individually according to your wishes and your head shape
  • Perfect the fit of your invisibobble® HAIRHALO on the head
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