Jane Iredale Bent Liner Brush

Brand: Jane Iredale


Angled brush for applying gel liner

It’s time to change your angle of attack! Enabling you to achieve wonderfully even and smooth lines, the Jane Iredale Bent Liner Brush makes application so much easier. Ideal for use with gel eyeliners, the brush features an ergonomic angled ferrule and soft synthetic bristles. You won’t believe the enhanced precision or how comfortable you feel as you work your magic on your look. Professional results are guaranteed and this brush would be a stylish addition to your accessories into the bargain. You probably won’t contemplate using a straight brush again!


  • Angled ferrule
  • Precision application
  • Creates smooth and even lines
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Soft synthetic bristles

How to Use

  • Use to apply gel liner
  • Coat your brush in gel eyeliner
  • Perform a couple of practice lines on the back of your hand to lose any excess product
  • Start drawing your line from the middle of the lash line towards the outer eye
  • Then draw a line from the inner eye towards the middle, completing the line
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