Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleanser 118ml

Brand: Jane Iredale


Keeps your make-up brushes in tip-top condition

Suitable for cleaning both natural and synthetic cosmetic brushes, the Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleanser does all the hard work for you. Perfect if you are busy and don’t have time to attend to your brushes, the cleanser simply dissolves away product build-up and grime. A quick-drying formula featuring alcohol and witch hazel is infused with grapefruit oil and seaweed extracts to keep your brushes in prime condition. Your carefully chosen accessories will deliver amazing results every time and will last for longer, making this innovative spray cleanser an essential investment.


  • Dissolves away product build-up and grime
  • Hassle-free cleanser
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Infused with conditioning grapefruit oil and seaweed extract
  • Suitable for cleaning natural and synthetic brushes

How to Use

  • Spray onto brushes
  • Wipe them clean
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