Jane Iredale Detail Brush

Brand: Jane Iredale

RRP: £13.00
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Cosmetic brush for details around the eyes and lips

The devil is always in the detail and you can achieve the perfect details to distinguish your look with this amazing brush. The Jane Iredale Detail Brush boasts short and dense synthetic bristles which make working on the finer points of your look a breeze. You will love the incredibly soft feel as you work and you can create pristine lines around the eyes and lips with ease. It will then be time to step back and admire your brilliance! There’s no substitute for the best accessories and this brush is one that you shouldn’t be without.


  • Short and dense synthetic bristles
  • Soft feel
  • Perfect for fine lines

How to Use

  • Clean brush regularly with a mild shampoo or liquid soap
  • Do not leave to soak as this will affect the ferrule and wooden handle
  • Rinse thoroughly and squeeze excess water out of the brush
  • Do not leave to dry in an upright position as water will run down into the ferrule causing damage and the brush will lose it original shape
  • Dry flat on a towel
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