Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer


UK and Ireland delivery only

Disappear concealer Makes Tattoos and Spots Simply ‘Disappear’

Ever wished you’d never had that boyfriend’s name tattooed on your shoulder? Now there’s a safe, easy, fast way to cover it. jane Iredale’s camouflage cream Disappear will conceal it so completely that only you will know it’s there, and is great for port wine stains too. It’s another way to conceal those under-eye circles too. Better yet, if you’d just as soon not show your breakouts to the world, Disappear won’t just camouflage them but will also help them to disappear.

This elegant, liposome-based formula contains seaweed extracts; anti-inflammatory willow bark extract, superoxide dismutase (SOD) - a copper-containing protein enzyme that decomposes free radicals; and the potent antioxidant green tea extract, which also combat acne bacteria. Soothing extract bisabolol reduces sensitivity and inflammation.

The formula is packed full of ingredients to help skin reach its maximum health. Packaged in a tube with a patented applicator that can be used with or without a brush, you have a state-of-the-art product that you’ll wonder how you lived without!

Disappear is available in five shades – Light, Medium Light, Medium, Medium Dark and Dark.

Please note: This product can only be delivered to UK and Ireland only.

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