Jane Iredale Large Shader Brush

Brand: Jane Iredale


For smooth application while priming your eyelid

Boasting a luxurious feel, the outstanding Jane Iredale Large Shader Brush helps you to create stunning eyes. Perfect for applying wider strokes of eyeshadow or priming your entire lids, the brush ensures smooth and even application. Long, flat and featuring both pony and ox hair, it has been designed to ensure that you achieve amazing results. You will love the stylish and comfortable wooden handle and you will quickly discover that you don’t want to be without your Shader Brush. After all, you need the best accessories if you are to create the finest looks!


  • Luxurious
  • Pony and ox hair
  • Stylish look
  • Long and flat for wider strokes

How to Use

  • Use to apply wider strokes of shadow to your lids
  • Alternatively, prime entire eyelid with foundation
  • Clean brush regularly with soapy water
  • Do not wet the handle or ferule
  • Air dry
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