Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

Brand: Jane Iredale


Removes make-up without the need for a cleanser

Using only water, the amazing Jane Iredale Magic Mitt® removes all make-up whilst boosting your skin’s health!

Simply moisten the mitt with warm water and abracadabra! There’s no need to use a cleanser or a magic wand as the mitt has special properties! The knitted micro-fibre cloth does not impact the acid mantle of your skin which provides a barrier to protect it from invasive bacteria. The fibres of the cloth are many times thinner than a human hair and so can penetrate oil films. This process disturbs the surface tension of the oils which bond cosmetics to your skin. When moistened with warm water the cloth’s fibres create an emulsion which holds the make-up which is then swept away by the mitt. You can even remove mascara with ease!

Easy to wash and so reusable, the Magic Mitt® would be the perfect accessory to enhance your skincare regime.


  • Washes away all cosmetics
  • No need to use a cleanser
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Washable and reusable

Directions for Use

  • Wet mitt with warm water
  • Squeeze out excess water
  • Place the mitt on your dominant hand
  • Gently wipe away your make-up
  • Wash the mitt with warm water and soap
  • Allow to dry and reuse when required
UK and Ireland delivery only
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