Jenela Tan a Sac Cotton Bed Protection From Fake Tan


An innovative product which protects your bedding from self tan

Tan a Sac is the revolutionary product designed to protect your bedding when you self tan!

100% cotton and designed to fit any size bed, Tan a Sac protects your sheets and prevents the need for washing. Not only does this mean stress-free tanning, but it also saves you time of changing your bed linen every time you tan.

Just pop between your existing bedding and sleep in the sac overnight - it simply feels like you have an extra sheet under your duvet. The Sac is much larger than a standard sleeping bag allowing plenty of room and an extremely comfortable night's sleep. Tan a Sac fits quickly and easily onto any mattress size.

Tan a sac is re-usable - after use simply remove and wash at 40c.


  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Protects bedding from orange tanning streaks and smells
  • Unique design which fits easily over existing bed sheets

How to Use

  • Move you duvet and pillow to the side - you don't have to remove any of your bedding
  • Place the Tan a Sac flat on your mattress with the opening at the head end of your bed. Then simply tuck the panel under the foot end of your mattress.
  • Pull Tan a Sac taut and tuck the other panel under the head end of your mattress
  • Replace your duvet and fold the top panel back over it
  • Don't forget to cover your pillow with the separate pillowcase provided
  • Now get tanning and jump in the sac!
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