Jessica Critical Care Intensive Care for Soft Nails 14.8ml


Base coat for weak and soft nails

Award winning product of Beauty Bible Awards 2017

Formulated with hydrolysed keratin, soy, wheat protein and a complex of strengtheners, the Jessica Critical Care promotes growth in the nails whilst also strengthening weak nails for healthier, stronger nails by bonding the layers together to build a strong a foundation. Also containing calcium, this works to also add flexibility to the nail for longer lasting results.   


  • Ideal for soft nails 
  • Adds flexibility to the nails
  • Features intense strengtheners 
  • Promotes stronger and healthier nails

How to Use

  • Apply one Critical Care base coat
  • Ensure full nail coverage
  • Repeat process or follow with a custom colour nail polish
  • Finish with a top coat
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