Jessica Life Jacket Protects Active Nails 14.8ml

Brand: Jessica


Base coat for nails that break easily 

The Jessica Life Jacket features a unique protective formula that protects nails from breaking by creating a cushion with invisible fibers to make them stronger and keep them protected. Ideal for those who are very active on a day-to-day basis, the Jessica Life Jacket keeps nails flexible and supple.


  • Boosts flexibility in the nails
  • Unique protective formula 
  • Ideal for those with active lifestyles to prevent breakages
  • Strengthens and protects the nails

How to Use

  • Apply 1 coat sparingly horizontally to clean, bare nails
  • Follow 1 coat sparingly vertically creating a protective weave 
  • Allow to dry 
  • Life Jacket is a prescriptive treatment and should only be used for 6-8 weeks until nail condition improves
UK delivery only
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