Jessica Moisture Duo Gift Set


Duo set for promoting nail growth and healthy cuticles

Formulated with Vitamin E, Jojoba and essential oils, the Jessica Moisture Duo Gift Set is the perfect dual action kit for promoting nail growth and maintaining healthy, hydrated cuticles. Making the perfect gift, this duo gift set provides intense nourishment and moisture to the nails and cuticles for smooth and hydrated results.

Products included:

  • Jessica Nourish Cuticle Formula 35ml
  • Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser 14.8ml


  • Promotes nail growth 
  • Boosts moisture and nourishes 
  • Maintains healthy, hydrated cuticles 
  • Makes the perfect gift 

How to Use

  • Apply day and night 
  • Massage Nourish Cuticle Formula into cuticles for day wear 
  • Apply Phenomen Oil in the evening for night care