Jessica Nail Repair Adhesive 14.1g

Brand: Jessica

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Nail super glue for split or broken nails

We all love long pretty nails, but there's that one time when we want to scream the house down and take the nail clippers out to give them the chop - that time is when we break a nail, or it splits. All of a sudden we have created a monster attached to our finger as it snags on clothing and catches itself to any tactile object.

Jessica Nail Repair Adhesive is a strong glue for applying to split or broken nails, solving troublesome nails in quick time! No more broken nail tantrums necessary.


  • Strong adhesive glue specifically for split or broken nails
  • Stops damaged nails from snagging
  • Reduces possibility of further damage

How to Use

  • Apply to broken or split nail using a hoof stick
  • Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes
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