Kerastase Materialiste All-Over Thickening Spray Gel 195ml

Brand: Kérastase

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Enhances volume, manageability and shine in all hair types

Ideal for all hair types, Kérastase Materialiste All-Over Thickening Spray Gel features IntraCylane technology which thickens hair fibres for denser looking hair.

You can beautifully thicken your hair whilst enhancing shine with this impressive spray gel. Easy to use, the gel works its magic via an innovative formula and creates a fuller look with amazing vibrancy. Your hair will be more manageable, radiant and easy to style. Braids are a breeze, even if you have fine hair, and you can enjoy the perfect, natural looking and free-flowing tresses which boast greater volume.

You are just a few spritzes away from radiant locks and thicker hair!


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Thickens hair fibres
  • Adds shine
  • Enhances manageability
  • Features IntraCylane technology

How to Use

  • Spray gel into your hands
  • Apply to cleansed and towel-dried hair
  • Work into mid lengths and ends
  • Blow-dry or air dry and style
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