Kissed by Mii Effortlessly Easy Tanning Mousse Deliciously Dark 150ml



Moisturising tanning mouse for darker skin tones

Formulated specifically to complement darker skin tones, the Kissed by Mii Effortlessly Easy Tanning Mousse Deliciously Dark delivers a flawless, streak free tan which is tailored to your look.

Boasting a light and airy texture, this beautifully velvety mousse is quick drying to make application easy and so is a great choice if you haven’t tried self-tanning before. The colour develops in just 6-8 hours and you can then wash away the initial tint to reveal the gorgeous colour beneath. Moisturising your skin as it tans, this fine mousse boasts a fabulous marine aroma which lingers and produces a naturally bronzed look that we know you will love.


  • Ideal for darker skin tones
  • Moisturising formula
  • Creates a flawless tan
  • Develops in 6-8 hours
  • Gorgeous marine aroma

How to Use

  • Exfoliate before application
  • Using the gloves provided, massage the mousse into your body
  • Work in sections leaving your face, knees and feet until last
  • Sweep the mousse lightly over your skin
  • Leave for 6-8 hours then shower
No Nasties:
Paraben Free
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