Kissed by Mii Seriously Smoothing Exfoliating Gloves

Brand: Mii


Removes dry skin before tanning

Helping to ensure that your skin is perfectly prepared for self-tanning, the Kissed by Mii Seriously Smoothing Exfoliating Gloves are must-have accessories.

It is crucial to exfoliate before applying self-tan products to your skin. But an exfoliator alone may not adequately address the extra-dry areas, such as your elbows, which require special attention. These carefully conceived gloves should be used in conjunction with your chosen exfoliator to prepare all areas of your skin and to ensure that you enjoy a flawless and natural looking tan. Making all the difference to your results, the reusable exfoliating gloves would be an excellent investment.


  • Easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Address extra-dry areas of skin

How to Use

  • Exfoliate before applying self-tan products
  • Use the gloves in conjunction with an exfoliator
  • Pay particular attention to the driest areas of skin
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