Kneipp Hugs & Kisses Raspberry & Lingonberry Mineral Bath Salts 60g

Kneipp Hugs & Kisses Raspberry & Lingonberry Mineral Bath Salts 60g



Chemical-free bath salts with a sweet and fruity fragrance

Created using traditional methods, Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt Hugs & Kisses Raspberry & Lingonberry features ancient ocean salts, which are high in trace minerals, together with gorgeous fruity extracts.

250-million-year-old salts are blended with fragrant and highly beneficial plants in a signature formula which is free of chemicals, paraffin and silicone. The sweet fruity aroma is wonderfully relaxing and ensures that your time in the bath is truly special. Nourishing lingonberry oil caresses your skin as you bathe whilst the sumptuous scent lifts your spirits as you relax and recharge your batteries. Dermatologically tested, the salts are suitable for all skin types and provide a therapeutic effect when the extracts are released in the warm water.


  • Features ancient ocean salts
  • Infused with lingonberry oil
  • Sweet and fruity aroma
  • Relaxing and heart-warming
  • Chemical free

Directions for Use

  • Add bath salt to your bath water
  • Ideal water temperature is 97 – 100°F
  • Bath for 15-20 minutes
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