label.m Boar Bristle Brush Medium (20mm)

Brand: label.m

RRP: £19.95
(You save £3.06 )

Medium natural bristle brush for smoother locks and added shine

Suitable for all hair types, the handmade label.m Boar Bristle Brush Medium always impresses. Detangling your locks whilst adding volume, the medium brush also tames flyaways and delivers healthier-looking hair. Tested in salons and at London Fashion week, this brush delivers the results you are looking for and would be an excellent accessory to add to your haircare collection.

Featuring a combination of 100% natural boar bristles and nylon bristles, this carefully conceived brush maximises hold and grip. The bristles feel gentle and yet stimulate and distribute your scalp’s natural oils for added conditioning and shine. Lightweight and boasting an ergonomic design, the brush is comfy to hold and minimises static as you work. The ceramic coating is heat resistant and so enables you to brush as you blow-dry. Better still, the Boar Bristle brush is crafted from durable beech wood giving you superior style and durability. You can look forward to smoother locks which are bursting with life!


  • Features 100% natural boar bristles
  • Reduces static and adds shine
  • Tames flyaways and detangles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Optimises grip

Directions for Use

  • Brush hair in sections
  • When possible, brush from under the nape and in an upwards direction
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