label.m Fashion Edition Powder to Wax 20g

Brand: label.m

RRP: £15.25
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Style and stand out

Flick through any magazine, scroll through any social media platform and you will see a consistent style that never seems to die. The effortless yet artful, messy and lived in look. Before, only models could obtain such a look with the help of their committed hair stylists. Now you can get that effortless looking volume with this 20g, Label.m Fashion Edition Powder to Wax tube.

No more white marks or greasy residue, just instant texture and enhanced definition. Now you can style your hair, and get that salon quality appearance in the comfort of your own home.

The label.m range has been designed to perform to the highest standard so that you can create a look that belongs on any catwalk in London.

Get instant texture, with a matt finish that everyone desires.


  • Edgy and effortless
  • Instant texture
  • Redefines your hair
  • Lifts your locks at the roots
  • Effortless appearing volume
  • No white marks
  • No greasy residue
  • Lightweight

Directions for Use

  • Grab bottle and shake powder into your palm
  • Rub hands together, until a creamy wax is formed
  • Apply to your hair to create your desired style
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