Lancaster Sun Beauty Silky Touch Cream SPF 15 50ml

Brand: Lancaster


A skin firming facial sunscreen which helps create a healthy, golden glow

Doesn't your face deserve the broadest, high-quality sun protection?

Lancaster's Sun Beauty Silky Cream SPF 15 brings you broad spectrum protection as it helps you develop a radiant, even tan.

The unique formula combines exclusive Full Light Technology, which targets 100% of the sun's rays, and reinforced Tan Activator Complex.

Ideally suited to skin that tans easily and rarely burns. Enjoy that golden tan!


  • Ultra broad-spectrum protection
  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity
  • Develops a long lasting, radiant tan
  • Water resistant formula

How to Use

  • Apply Sun Beauty Silky Cream SPF 15 all over your face and décolleté before sun exposure

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