Lauren's Way Gradual Tan 250ml

Lauren's Way Medium to Dark Gradual Tan 250ml

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Lauren’s Way Gradual Tan is a nourishing body moisturiser with a healthy touch of bronze. This enriching lotion will help to give you smoother, skin whilst building a gradual golden tan, every day.


  • For an even tan you need clean, smooth skin. Ensure that you exfoliate first with Lauren’s Way Body Polish paying particular attention to dryer areas such as elbows, knees, ankles and feet.
  • Massage in the Gradual Tan lotion from top to toe making sure all skin is covered.
  • Wash your palms with soap and water thoroughly after use.
  • Wait for the lotion to be absorbed before getting dressed.
  • Use daily for a subtle golden boost to the skin.


  • We recommend a patch test to be carried out at least 24 hours prior to use.
  • If there are any adverse reactions do not continue to use.
  • Don’t apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin and stop using if your skin does become irritated.