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For some women, primer and foundation are all they need to enjoy a flawless complexion. But maybe you aren’t quite so lucky and have blemishes or dark circles that detract from your look. Happily, a high-quality concealer will work with your foundation to create the even skin tone that you are looking for. Covering any areas of discolouration, the right concealer is an essential addition to your make-up bag.

Concealing a multitude of sins

You should choose your concealer based on your skin type and concerns. If your skin is dry, don't go for a liquid concealer with a matte finish because it will emphasise dry areas. If you have oily skin, avoid creamy or stick concealers as they may contribute to any oily sheen and could clog your pores or make them more visible. Select a concealer which matches the colour of your foundation for a seamless finish every time.

Concealers at face value

Camouflage your blemishes with the finest concealers from the Alpha-H, Dr. Hauschka, Jane Iredale, Mii and W7 collections here at Treat Your Skin! You will discover the shade and texture that perfectly completes your look and a concealer which suits your budget. You won’t believe your beautifully flawless complexion and your concealer will become a vital step in your make-up routine.

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  • Dr. Hauschka Concealer Quick view

    Dr. Hauschka

    Dr. Hauschka Concealer

    Natural coverage to conceal imperfections Sometimes a little attention to detail yields impressive results! Neatly covering any imperfections, the Dr. Hauschka Concealer helps you to create a balanced complexion in seconds.  Ideal for last minute...

    As low as £15.99 £19.00
  • Dr. Hauschka Coverstick 01 Natural Quick view

    Dr. Hauschka Coverstick

    Conceals blemishes and reduces redness without causing dryness The all-natural Dr. Hauschka Coverstick soothes and nourishes your skin whilst concealing any blemishes. Infused with calming tea tree and manuka oils, the Coverstick balances your skin and...

    As low as £17.79 £19.00
  • Jane Iredale Corrective Colours 9.9g Quick view

    Jane Iredale

    Jane Iredale Corrective Colours 9.9g

    Four-colour palette for concealing bruising and imperfections Has your single-colour, all-purpose concealer let you down? Would you appreciate a product which specifically targets the different shades of your imperfections? If so, you have found the...

  • Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer Quick view

    Jane Iredale

    Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer

    Disappear concealer Makes Tattoos and Spots Simply ‘Disappear’ Ever wished you’d never had that boyfriend’s name tattooed on your shoulder? Now there’s a safe, easy, fast way to cover it. jane Iredale’s camouflage...

    As low as £20.95
  • Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer No. 1 Quick view

    Jane Iredale

    Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer

    Don't just cover something about it at the same time! With Enlighten Concealer, we do just that! The ultimate concealer for very dark circles, hyperpigmentation and bruising. Contains two lightening agents: Arbutin and Licorice Extracted...

    As low as £20.99
  • Jane Iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer Quick view

    Jane Iredale

    Jane Iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer

    Gentle and soothing yet highly pigmented concealer for daily use Featuring beneficial botanicals and valuable antioxidants, the Jane Iredale Zap & Hide Blemish Concealer soothes as it works its magic. Wonderfully gentle and so ideal for daily use,...

    As low as £21.49
  • Mii Complete Cream Concealer - Trust 01 Quick view


    Mii Complete Cream Concealer

    Smooth and creamy concealer with botanical extracts Banish the effects of late nights and breakouts in an instant with this fabulous must-have from Mii! Wonderfully smooth and enriched with botanical extracts, Mii Complete Cream Concealer is the...

    As low as £14.19 £14.50
  • Mii Double Delight Concealer & Serum Quick view


    Mii Double Delight Concealer & Serum

    Concealer and nourishing serum for a flawless complexion Ideal for touch-ups when and where you need them, the innovative Mii Double Delight Concealer & Serum delivers a flawless complexion. Doubly effective, this lightweight perfecting duo work in...

    As low as £21.79 £22.00
  • Mii Miraculous Colour Corrector - Calm 00 Quick view


    Mii Miraculous Colour Corrector - Calm 00

    Balances redness and blemishes If you are dreaming of a wonderfully even complexion, you have discovered a little miracle worker which could makes your dreams come true! Mii Miraculous Colour Corrector - Calm 00 balances out redness and blemishes for...

    £14.19 £14.50
  • Mii Pure Wonder Concealer - Awake 01 Quick view


    Mii Pure Wonder Concealer - Awake 01

    Disguises dark circles and tired skin When you are feeling tired and fatigued, your eyes can really begin to suffer! Those inevitable dark circles will ruin your look but happily, there is something that you can do. Mii Pure Wonder Concealer delivers...

    £18.59 £20.50
  • W7 Camouflage Kit Quick view


    W7 Camouflage Kit

    Five shades of concealer to blend for the perfect match Have you struggled to find the perfect shade of concealer to match your skin tone? If so, we have a fabulous and affordable solution for you! The innovative W7 Camouflage Kit features a versatile...

    £2.89 £5.95
  • W7 Catwalk Concealer - Fair Quick view


    W7 Catwalk Concealer

    Long-lasting concealer for an even complexion Made to last whatever the day throws at you, the W7 Catwalk Concealer covers up your problem areas to produce a wonderfully even complexion. You will love the creamy consistency which simply glides onto...

    As low as £2.99 £4.95
  • W7 Cosmetics Go Concealer Fair 7g Quick view


    W7 Cosmetics Go Concealer Fair 7g

    Use this concealer to hide away facial blemishes and unwanted spots. Benefits Suitable for fair skin tones Small and discreet for your purse or handbag Directions for Use Apply a small amount of concealer to desired area with either your finger...

  • W7 Light Diffusing Concealer open Quick view


    W7 Light Diffusing Concealer

    Pale concealer with light reflecting particles Conceal your dark circles with the outstanding W7 Light Diffusing Concealer! With a smooth and creamy consistency, this pale concealer simply glides onto your skin via the wonderfully soft applicator brush...

    £2.89 £5.95
  • W7 Tea Tree Concealer Quick view


    W7 Tea Tree Cover Stick Concealer

    Smooth and creamy concealer with antiseptic properties Infused with amazing tee tree oil, W7 Tea Tree Concealer helps you to enjoy an even skin tone and so much more! Available in two shades to match your skin, this smooth and creamy concealer glides...

    As low as £1.89 £3.95
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